Why Send Your Child To A Year Round Preschool?

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Why Send Your Child To A Year Round Preschool?

14 February 2020
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Preschool is a big milestone in your young child's life. It's the first opportunity many children have to experience independence for the first time. Kids make their first friends in preschool, and they learn things that will serve as the foundation of their entire educational career. When choosing a preschool, you will need to take various factors into account. One of the things you'll have to decide is whether you'll want to send your child to a preschool on a year-round or traditional schedule. Here are three reasons you should send your child to a year-round preschool.

1. Give your child a sense of stability.

Children thrive on routine, especially young children. It can take a while for your child to become comfortable with the idea of preschool. With diligent work and repeated farewell routines, even fearful children can get used to saying goodbye to their parents in the morning, at the start of another day of preschool. Some preschools take a break for summer, which can undo all the hard work that you've done. Year-round preschools keep your child in good habits. Your child will continue to see their friends and favorite teachers all through the year.

2. Don't worry about finding additional childcare.

With the exception of teachers, most adults continue to work through the summer. This can pose problems for anyone who needs to find additional childcare during this time. Babysitters can be expensive, and not everyone has family members who are able to watch their kids. A year-round preschool will supervise your child while you're away at work. You won't have to worry about finding alternate accommodation for your kids during certain months of the year.

3. Give your child more educational opportunities.

Kids spend a lot of time playing in preschool, but they also learn a lot. In preschool, your child will be taught to recite the alphabet. They'll learn to identify various letters, and they will build their counting skills. Later in life, your kids will use these skills to learn to read, write, and do math. A longer school year means your child will be able to learn even more in preschool. This extra knowledge will give them a head start when they finally begin kindergarten.

Children thrive in preschool. Help your child get an excellent start in their educational career by choosing a year-round preschool. Your child will have a lot of fun, and you will know they are in the care of excellent teachers.