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After I headed back to work full time, I realized that it was going to be hard to leave behind my newborn baby. I knew that I needed to find a place that would care just as much about my baby as I did, but I knew that it was going to be easier said than done. I started combing through local advertisements about child care, and I was able to find a business that seemed to focus on quality. They were amazing to work with, and they took care of my child with incredible care. This blog is all about selecting better child care for your kids.


How To Handle Child Care For A Child With Allergies

27 July 2017
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As a parent of a child with allergies, you are probably quite eager to protect them from being to exposed to allergens. With many other children present in a child care setting, this is a little harder to do, but a great preschool can do a few things to keep your child safe: Step 1: Interview Preschools Before you sign up for pre-k 4 classes, you'll want to know that they fully understand the severity of the allergies and can handle them. Read More …

Make A Tactile Sensory Board For Your Preschooler

22 May 2017
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If you would like to provide your preschooler with a tactile learning tool, make a sensory board by completing the following steps. A sensory board will provide your child with a hands on approach to learning and can be used at home or while on the go. Materials plywood sandpaper hand sander tack cloth lead-free paint mixing stick newspaper sheets plastic sheeting paintbrush measuring tape cordless drill screws staple gun staples scissors belt latches chains fabric carpet square artificial turf measuring tape easel Sand And Paint A Piece Of Plywood Read More …

Daycare Options For Tweens: What To Do For That Awkward Age

22 March 2017
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Tweens, or pre-teen kids who are older than nine but less than thirteen, are not legally old enough to stay home by themselves. There was a time when it was acceptable for this age group to be "latchkey kids," but now most parents could be in trouble for doing this. There are just too many safety issues with giving a kid a key and hoping they get home safely and hoping that they do not open the door for strangers. Read More …